Wednesday, December 31, 2008

He's Full of It!

O.K people do not get it twisted. Relationships are not supposed to be hard or complicated especially in the beginning. Women, this advice is especially for you. If a guy consistently (key word consistently) doesn’t call when he says he’s going to call and then when he does call, he acts like nothing is wrong and doesn’t even have the decency to explain his behavior... LET HIM GO!!!

Now I’m not talking about if a guy says he’ll call you at 3 and ends up calling you at 3:15. I mean if he gives you a call on a Thursday morning and then says he’ll call you back later that same evening and then you don’t hear back from him until 3 days later, Sunday afternoon. LET HIM GO! He’s full of it and you might want to watch out.

Any guy who respects you, will call you when he said he would. If a guy is into you and he is busy or knows he will be busy, he will have the decency to call and let you know. Let him go or keep him around if you feel like playing games with boys.

Have you ever experience this and had to LET HIM GO? If so leave us a comment!

As Always,

Love B.R.S


  1. I just recently realized a guy wasn't into me when on two occasions in a row it took him 6 hours to return a text message. I know for a fact that he always has his phone in his pocket and it's never taken him more than an hour to return a text. It's a sign of complete apathy and it's not to be tolerated! Love the blog!

  2. Miss Fabulous, you are soo right! We as women already know the answers but sometimes we like to make excuses for the SB's in our lives. Most women would have over looked the fact that he always has his phone in his pocket and would have made up some excuse for the obvious.

  3. I think more people need to hear that. I mean, I know there's a movie on the subject right now, but people really don't seem to get it.

  4. wow. this post was like a sign from heaven. I've been dealing with this SB for a few months now...and i tolerated it because he was just too darn cute! Now he's full on IGNORING me and all he can say is "it's complicated" i've never dealt with this type of SB before so i'm trying to handle it the right way. I was straight up honest with how much i liked him the other night and since then hes been acting really strange and hesitant about us...even though at the start he was the one who pushed his feelings on me. FML

  5. Wow that's kinda insulting. Having a blog called Boys r Stupid. What kinda name is that? Girls and women are so fucked up these days. What's wrong with boys anyway? Why do mothers prefer bitchy little princesses to hard- going superstars? Why don't you change your name to BOYS ROCK AND YOU KNOW IT!!