Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year! 2009

New Years Resolution...Be Nice. Yea, the goal is to be nicer and genuinely care about others. Part of my efforts to be nice is to forgive. So, if you have someone, especially a SB (Stupid Boy) you need to forgive, stop right now and forgive them. The best way to help you forgive is to tell yourself that the person didn't mean it. Yes, just tell yourself, because they sure won’t tell you and even if they do, you probably wont think they were sincere or mean it.

Some SB's will apologize because they think they know it’s what you want to hear. What they don’t realize, is that a sincere apology is what is desired. Either way, just forgive and free yourself and move on. I had to do it today. I forgave the SB in my life for being immature and selfish. I had to tell myself that he couldn’t help it and that he didn't mean it. That way I wasn't stuck with the burden of caring the stress of his stupidity. Now forgiveness doesn’t mean overlook inappropriate behavior. Be nice, not stupid. You forgive and deal with the SB accordingly. Have a Happy New Year and remember to be nice in 2009.

Is there someone who came to mind that you know you need to forgive? Tell us about it...leave a comment.

Love Always,


He's Full of It!

O.K people do not get it twisted. Relationships are not supposed to be hard or complicated especially in the beginning. Women, this advice is especially for you. If a guy consistently (key word consistently) doesn’t call when he says he’s going to call and then when he does call, he acts like nothing is wrong and doesn’t even have the decency to explain his behavior... LET HIM GO!!!

Now I’m not talking about if a guy says he’ll call you at 3 and ends up calling you at 3:15. I mean if he gives you a call on a Thursday morning and then says he’ll call you back later that same evening and then you don’t hear back from him until 3 days later, Sunday afternoon. LET HIM GO! He’s full of it and you might want to watch out.

Any guy who respects you, will call you when he said he would. If a guy is into you and he is busy or knows he will be busy, he will have the decency to call and let you know. Let him go or keep him around if you feel like playing games with boys.

Have you ever experience this and had to LET HIM GO? If so leave us a comment!

As Always,

Love B.R.S

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


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The Birth of "The Boys Are Stupid"

Hello World!

Welcome to the first “The Boys Are Stupid” blog post. First, I would like to start off by saying that this blog / social community is in no way intended to offend, degrade or promote hatred toward any gender or race. Should this blog or the phrase offend you, please except our apology in advance. The coined phrase “The Boys Are Stupid” is used as a phrase of endearment.

We know all boys are not stupid however there are many that are. The boys we refer to are individuals who should, by biological standards, be mature however; they still act like little boys. This site is not to merely dwell on their flaws but to provide a study of sorts that digs deeper into why they are stupid, in hopes to find a cure or at least allow the people that interact with them insight on how to deal with “stupid boys” accordingly.

So, for all of you who are wondering how this whole thing started, here goes. It all started Monday afternoon while I was on my lunch break. I was sitting in my car talking on my cell to best friend. I was telling her about this guy, whose calls I hadn’t answered over the past two days. I began to explain to her why I wasn’t accepting his calls, which was basically because I wanted to give him a dose of his own medicine to see how he would respond. As I was explaining to her the situation and how I was disappointed in his immature behavior, she responded to me well “Boys are Stupid”. At that moment, the phrase hit me like a lightening bolt. That oh so simple phrase sounded so profound.

I mean, I knew there were stupid boys in the world; men that should be acting like adults but never grew up and were stuck in pubescent behavior. And I tried through out my life to avoid them with my zero tolerance stance towards stupid boys. Despite my efforts one would sneak into my life every now then and I would have the unpleasant job of dealing with them accordingly. I mean come on, you can’t avoid them all…at some point in your life you will encounter a stupid boy. Whether he is a boyfriend, boss, co-worker, president, or brother…you will encounter at least one through out your life time. And some encounters can affect your life forever.

It wasn’t until my conversation Monday afternoon, with my best friend, that I realized that some boys just can’t help being stupid. They are just stupid and in some cases they genuinely need our help. In regard to the word stupid used in the phrase “The Boys Are Stupid” we simple use the definition provided by Webster.

Stupid - given to unintelligent decisions or acts: acting in an unintelligent or careless manner c: lacking intelligence or reason

We can combat stupidity by learning how to deal with stupid boys accordingly and hopefully this site will serve as a weapon on the war against stupidity, one stupid boy at a time. Please note that we LOVE boys and men and we realize that we NEED them and only want to see them reach their full potential.

So let’s get this blog started share an experience that you encountered with a “Stupid Boy”. Please do not go so far as to expose their name, location or anything that would reveal who they are. Tell us what happened and how you dealt with it or let us know if you want advice or want to know how others successfully dealt with the same situation. There is nothing new under the sun.

~ Love B.R.S.