Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Special Woman Power

Sorry guys...I know it's been a while but I have learned that not much has changed. The boys are still stupid. Beware, because now even the "nice" boys are starting to act stupid. So, do you think you are dealing with a stupid boy...a boy who may be cheating or being dishonest. You don't have proof but, you some how sense it. Well, here is a good way to get them to confess. First if you are a woman which most of the readers of this blog are, then you have a built in power that unfortunately most woman just don't realize and therefore don't utilize...It's called a woman's intuition...yes, we have special powers but, many of us don't use them.

Well, if you're not using your special woman power and you keep getting screwed, mistreated, lied to, etc. then now is the time to exercise your gift. So if you "think" or "sense" your boy is being mischievous then it's a 98.7777% chance that he is. Now you don't want to go around acting paranoid or crazy, right? That is the very reason why most women suppress their special power or intuition, because most boys have convinced us that our intuition is paranoia, or insecurity, or bad. It's NOT, so USE it...it's there for a reason.

So, if your intuition tells you that your boy is acting up then follow that intuition. You do however have to be strategic in the way go about using your gift. See, only you feel your intuition and many times without tangible proof or evidence to support what you feel. So, one way is to state from the beginning to your boy that no matter what, the two of you are going to be friends, honest, and open. Make sure your are being honest though, this wont work if you, yourself can't be trusted. You can only require honesty if you are honest. With that said, if you both agree to be honest no matter what, then when your intuition kicks in, use it. Ask him the questions your gut/"woman powers" lead you to ask. 9 times out of 10 if you have been honest throughout...and you pose your questions right then the stupid boy will have no choice but to confess. Now don't do this if you can't handle the truth. That's another reason why the gift can lay dormant inside...it will only work and be most effective if you are strong enough to handle and deal with the truth.

Now, what you do after the stupid boy has confessed depends on your individual situation. Know that there have been special cases where stupid boys recover from their stupidity and become real men, but please no that the chances of this happening is very small. So, if you identify that the you are not with a man but a stupid boy and continue to put up with his stupidity, that now makes you a stupid girl. Note: every woman will encounter a stupid boy, that's inevitable. It's what you do after the fact that determines whether or not you are are stupid girl.

Have you ever used your special woman powers? Did it lead you to a confession from a stupid boy? If so, please share your story...we would love to hear about it.