Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year! 2009

New Years Resolution...Be Nice. Yea, the goal is to be nicer and genuinely care about others. Part of my efforts to be nice is to forgive. So, if you have someone, especially a SB (Stupid Boy) you need to forgive, stop right now and forgive them. The best way to help you forgive is to tell yourself that the person didn't mean it. Yes, just tell yourself, because they sure won’t tell you and even if they do, you probably wont think they were sincere or mean it.

Some SB's will apologize because they think they know it’s what you want to hear. What they don’t realize, is that a sincere apology is what is desired. Either way, just forgive and free yourself and move on. I had to do it today. I forgave the SB in my life for being immature and selfish. I had to tell myself that he couldn’t help it and that he didn't mean it. That way I wasn't stuck with the burden of caring the stress of his stupidity. Now forgiveness doesn’t mean overlook inappropriate behavior. Be nice, not stupid. You forgive and deal with the SB accordingly. Have a Happy New Year and remember to be nice in 2009.

Is there someone who came to mind that you know you need to forgive? Tell us about it...leave a comment.

Love Always,



  1. i make it my new years resolution every year to learn to forgive and forget- easier said than done, but it's important. happy new year!


    haha your post reminded me that i need to make up some new years resolutions! :) thanks!

  3. nice one ! but i think i stand equally true the other way round!

  4. This is a great resolution! Sometimes it's not easy to forgive, but I believe it will makes you a better person and stronger...

    Happy New Year!

  5. I forgive... but I NEVER forget. ;)

    Happy '09!

  6. Forgiveness is for the weak...

    Seriously though, I have a VERY hard time with this one after about three or for "let me give him the benefit of doubt" times.

  7. i love reading your blog...i have an award for you over at my page

  8. Thanks for the Award PoisonIvy068...we appreciate it.

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